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Free Anxiety Releasing Program

If you are experiencing anxiety or stress, you are not alone.

Stress and anxiety feel uncomfortable and can interfere with your happiness.


Peaceful Soul’s free Anxiety Releasing Program can help.


After signing up for this free program, each day for 5 days, you will receive a short video to help you to holistically calm your mind, body, and soul.


Day 1: Anxiety Releasing Worksheet + Affirmations

Day 2: Guided Sound Bowl Anxiety Releasing Meditation

Day 3: Three Tips to Release Anxiety

Day 4: Releasing Guilt + Shame

Day 5: Pandemic Support

Start the free Anxiety Releasing Program right now!

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Alicia, Kingston Ontario

“Your videos helped me and my daughter. I had anxiety and my daughter had a stomach ache so we listened to the meditation together. We felt so much better after. “

Theresa, Edmonton Alberta

“I listened to this program every morning before work which helped me feel grounded. The poem reading was my favourite.”

Joanne, Belleville Ontario

“I woke up in the middle of the night due to stress and turned on one of the videos. The breathing exercise helped me to go back to sleep. Thank you!!”

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