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Everyone has the capacity of achieving greatness, but nobody ever has to do it alone. 



Katie has helped numerous amounts of people with their goals. From guiding them towards a small decision, to changing state of mind. With a positive energy and a positive guide, working together we can acquire anything we set our minds to. 








Energy is the driving force of the Universe.



From Physics, to religion there is a universal acknowledgement that energy exists. Even though each explains it in a different way.


It is understandable then to consider that energy is an internal presence within the human body. The type of energy you are using affects the outcome you perceive. For example, approaching something with a negative attitude will negatively affect your results.  Approaching something with a positive attitude will positively affect your results.


Do you have a dream you want to achieve but something seems to be in the way?


Succumbing to these obstacles that stop you from achieving your dreams can create negative energy, which affects our outcomes and mood. 


This negative energy can manifest into feelings of: 


- Stuck

- Anxiety

- Insecure

- Anger

- Unsure of what to do and where to go 

- Stress

- Disappointment 

- Decreased self-confidence



To achieve our dreams is to overcome our challenges, live our best lives, and become our best selves.















Group Sessions




Testimonials from Group Session Evaluations

100% of attendees would recommend Soulful Rejuvenation workshops

"I learned a lot of tools to relieve stress and sleep better. It was also educational about how lack of sleep and high stress affects our wellbeing"

"Really like the sound bowls and your presentation skills are awesome. Great energy, organized, powerpoint is well laid out. Valuable skills for stress, sleep, burnout, and self-care!"

"Nice balance of activities, sound bowl, and conversations. A nice space for workshop."

"Would definitely recommend this workshop to friends and family who could benefit."



Group Sessions

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