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Talk therapy combined with

Reiki & Breathwork


*These sessions are covered by insurance*

Holistic Counselling can help you with:


- Self-discovery

- Releasing stagnant energy from the body

- A renewed sense of energy

- Decrease stress, anxiety, depression

- Anger release

- Increase feelings of love and compassion (for yourself and others)

- Feel more empowered

- Create a life where you will not experience anxiety 


These sessions would be a good fit for you if you are:


- Open to Spirituality, including:


Law of Attraction 

Eating Healthy


- Interested in healing the mind, body, and soul

- Appreciate Personal Development

- Ready to Self-Reflect


You have probably tried other techniques to help your stress/anxiety.

Maybe you have:


- Gone to counselling before

- Tried Reiki or another form of holistic healing

- Read books, YouTube, or “Googled” anxiety to learn more about it

- Been on or are currently on medication

- Drank alcohol to numb 

- Distracted yourself by being busy all the time

- Attempted to ignore your anxiety but it won’t go away

- Said “yes” to everything in hopes of feeling better, but it instead caused burnout


Now you feel that your stress or anxiety has created a strain in one or more of the areas of your life:



Less productivity

Calling in sick or not taking sick days when needed

Not completing tasks

Taking on too much by saying "yes" too often

People pleasing









Medical Health Diagnosis

Weight Loss/Gain



























Holistic means starting with the self. 


Pursuing your own values beliefs and looking deeper into what you want out of life and what will make you your best self spiritually, mentally, and physically.


Sometimes however the path is not clear.


Maybe you have anxiety, past trauma, illness or an obstacle that is obstructing what you want to do. 


It is said that a higher energy level is what makes us capable of being happy, healthy, and lively. It encourages our body's ability to heal itself.


Stress, anxiety, worry, negative energy or a negative outlook can all come from previous unresolved trauma that stays trapped within our bodies and drains our spiritual mental, and physical energy.


Negative life experiences and traumas can manifest into chronic physical or psychological illnesses such as anxiety, depression, worry, gastrointestinal issues, migraines, heartburn, insomnia… the list goes on.

Talk therapy combined with the added benefit of

energy healing and Breathwork.


Katie offers one-on-one Holistic Counselling online from the comfort of your own home. 

The mind, body and spirit work together to create us, as individuals with goals and dreams.


When one aspect of ourselves is compromised the others have to overcompensate.


Holistic Counselling works to treat the core of the issue, helping you to remember your peace.

If you would like to increase your general well-being, these sessions would be a great fit for you.

Learn more about the benefits of :


Holistic Counselling

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