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History of Reiki

As an oral tradition, Reiki has been passed down through generations by word of mouth and applied training, which originated in the Tibetan Sutras nearly 3000 years ago.


Due to its method of inheritance, very little is known about the details of Reiki until 1914, when Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki during a 21-day training on Mount Kurama. This marked the beginning of Reiki in Japan and the start of more accessible knowledge.


Following suite, a student of Usui’s named Chujiro Hayashi furthered accessibility by developing a class structure for the spreading and instruction of Reiki. Another student of Usui’s named Hawayo Takata opened a clinic in Hawaii and promoted the spread Reiki around the world including Canada, Europe, and the United States.



What is Reiki?


Reiki revolves around the unseen lifeforce energy that flows through all living things and causes us to be alive. Reiki can be experienced by anyone and can be applied at any time.


Divided into two Japanese words/symbols: Rei (meaning Universal) and Ki (meaning Lifeforce) together roughly translates to Universal Lifeforce. This lifeforce has many names throughout history primarily within ancient indigenous Asian culture; this includes Chi (Chinese) and Prana (Vedic).  


Reiki is safe, positive, gentle, and natural. Reiki primarily focuses on restoration of balance within the mind body and soul. With techniques involving the placement of hands and focusing energy in correlation with the seven major Chakra centres of the human body. 

Reiki is a very relaxing, centering, therapy that overall has many benefits.



Benefits of Reiki:


- A boost to the electrical system of the human body 

- Reduced stress and increased relaxation[i] 

- Pain and mental health management [ii] 

- Feelings of peace, calm, and creativity 

- The release of physical and emotional blockages that have accumulated throughout life 

- Clear focusing of the mind 

- Increased sense of wellbeing 

- Decreased anxiety 
















What can you expect during a Reiki session?


- One goal of our session is for you to become as relaxed as possible 

- During treatment you will remain fully clothed 

- Expect to lay on a Reiki table (during in person sessions) 

- No need for physical touch 

- Clearing each of your 7 major chakras 

- Guided meditation with music

- All online sessions include quartz crystal sound bowl healing

Reiki Diagram all white.png

What are Chakras?


Modern physics has revealed that the entire universe is an infinite vibrating energy field.


Similarly, the human body has its own vibrational energy field which resonates harmoniously at specific nodes. These nodes are known as chakras. Each chakra represents a different element of the body, mind, and spirit. With each chakra having its own location and connection to a different aspect of life.


Trauma that occurs in life will offset your chakras, this is a fact that is completely natural, unavoidable, and will need some assistance to resolve. Unresolved trauma residing within a chakra point can result in various health issues that may easily be medically diagnosed as a separate issue. Such as anxiety, depression, stomach aches, migraines, and much more.


By cleansing the chakras, one can live a more balanced freer life.

Fun Fact 1: Brain waves of the Reiki practitioner and Receiver become synchronized during a session, and the waves pulse in unison with earth’s magnetic field.[iii]


Fun Fact 2: Pulses coming from the hands of a practitioners are the same frequencies as brain waves.[iv]



Reiki Medical Professional Uses:


- Used to treat cancer treatment side effects 

- Full time reiki master employed at Portsmouth Hospital in the U.K.[v] 

- Nurses are trained in Reiki therapy for use during surgical procedures 

- Medical professionals learning Reiki and integrating it into conventional care 

- Increase immune responsivity, and blood pressure [vi] 

- Reduction in pain and anxiety from HIV patients receiving 20 minutes treatments [vii] 

- Reduced pain and improvements in sleep and clarity of thinking [viii] 

- Current research of reiki for people with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, prostate cancer, and AIDS [ix] 


Reiki is a very relaxing, centering, therapy that overall has many benefits beside those used in medicine. Reiki can be used on anyone.


Katie also offers Holistic Counselling for those who want a Reiki mind, body and soul healing accompanied with wellness counselling. For more information Click Here




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