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Holistic Counselling



*All or partial costs may be covered by your insurance company*


60 Minute Counselling Session 

These Talk Therapy sessions will help you to gain an understanding of your emotions, manage your anxiety, process previous traumatic experiences, and break unhealthy habits. 

Online with Zoom: $120

90 Minute Counselling Session


Combination of Talk Therapy and Reiki/Breathwork

Emotions and traumas can become stuck in our bodies, causing blockages of energy. These sessions allow you to release stagnant energy from your body, to assist you in relaxation and peace. 


Online with Zoom: $160


Conscious Connected Breathwork


90 Minute Session

Combination of Reiki and Breathwork

Release stagnant energy and trauma from the body

Feel relaxed and at peace

Online with Zoom: $110





All investments are in CAD and include tax.

Payments can be made via email transfer or Pay Pal.

Refund Policy: No Refunds.


Cancellation: Any cancel/reschedule must be made 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Group Sessions


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